We’re here to partner with you in securing the most valuable asset you will ever own.

Why should you choose HiP Housing? We understand the beauty and privilege a home can be to first time homeowners and families. We don’t just try to help you to get a home because it is our job, we do it because we want you to create those memories of creating a family home, a place where you can grow old or even a place where you start your first investment! At HiP, we look at the bigger picture.


Owning a home is a benefit on its own but did you know that it has so many more? All our homes include the following benefits!

Grow your wealth:

Your home is an investment whose value will likely always increase. This creates wealth for you.

Liquidity benefit

In difficult times and emergencies, you can use your home as security to raise money to meet your liquidity requirements.

Improved Affordability

Affordability is enhanced by initial lower repayments that take into account future salary increases. The repayment will be increased in line with your future salary increases thereby ensuring continued affordability.

More home finance

You will have more home finance than what you would have qualified for through conventional offerings, both sooner and at a lower initial repayment.

Predictable repayments

Repayments are predictable and always a fixed percentage of your salary (maximum of 30 %) for the duration of the loan. Repayments are also escalated annually in line with salary increases. Repayments are not impacted by changes in interest rates.

Create a comfortable home for your family.

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